Avocado Decision Support Tools Analysis Available

  • Dec 15, 2020

Assistance with the decision support tools (DST) developed under the auspices of the California Avocado Commission to help growers optimize tree nutrition for greater yields is now available via a consulting service provided by Dr. David Crowley, UCR Professor Emeritus. This service will examine your leaf analysis data and generate a customized and confidential report showing where your orchard stands with respect to its yield potential.  You will then receive a confidential report of the priority ranking for each nutrient element and its quantitative importance in affecting potential fruit yields. To access this service, growers should submit their leaf analysis report data by email. The DST analysis service will cost $20 per report for each block, along with a nominal setup fee. For more information on the DST output, or to submit your plant analyses reports for a DST model run, email Dr. Crowley at Avocado.DST@gmail.com.

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