American Summer Holidays Campaign Garners More Than 23.1 Million Impressions through Early July

  • Aug 07, 2017

To ensure consumers associate California avocados with America’s summer holidays the California Avocado Commission (CAC) shared summer-friendly avocado recipes, educational content and store location information on social media and digital channels. The multi-faceted campaign showcased California avocados’ American-grown history and reminded consumers to check the labels and choose the locally grown fruit to enhance their summer dishes.

To inspire consumers to make American-grown California avocados a centerpiece of their 4th of July celebrations, the Commission shared sweet and savory recipes showcasing the versatility of avocados. For example, the Commission shared mouth-watering photos of California Avocado Key Lime Pudding party favors on Twitter with a link to a YouTube video demonstrating how easy it is to prepare this California avocado crowd pleaser. CAC also shared United Plates recipes on Instagram to inspire foodies on their summer road trips. The Commission’s California Avocado Melon Smoothie Instagram post was a fan favorite. This content reached more than 81,600 users.

On the 4th of July, the Commission shared celebratory #FourthOfJuly messages with its fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while reminding them that California avocados are a premium American-grown product. The social media posts included recipes, such as a California Avocado Red, White and Blue Salsa, perfect for holiday entertaining. To help consumers locate California avocados in their area, the Commission shared content directing them to CAC’s Store Locator. Combined, this content reached more than 22,500 users.

In addition, the Commission shared American Summer Holidays entertainment and recipe ideas across social media and digital channels to provide foodies and home chefs with new ideas on how to creatively use California avocados in their summer meals and snacks. CAC swapped out banner creative leading up to the 4th of July with two different American Summer Holidays executions on the Food52, Tasting Table and PureWow websites, which are popular with targeted premium Californians. Nativo, which distributes brand content within publisher editorial streams, also ran two custom articles featuring California avocados: Four Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July with California Avocado and Five All-American Ways to Celebrate with California Avocado.

To engage with consumers at point-of-purchase, American Summer Holidays in-store audio ads ran in targeted retailers such as Albertsons, Fry’s, Pavilions, Ralphs, Stater Bros., Vons and more.

CAC’s 4th of July and related content leading up to the holiday, reached more than 104,000 fans on social media. Overall, the Commission’s paid media, in-store audio and digital media partnerships garnered more than 23 million impressions from late June through early July.

The Commission celebrated the #FourthOfJuly with its social media fans and reminded them that California avocados are American grown.

California avocado fans were eager to try the California Avocado Red, White and Blue Salsa recipe shared by the Commission.

To help fans find California avocados nearby, the Commission shared links to its Store Locator on its social media channels.

To inspire consumers on their summer road trips, the Commission shared United Plates recipes featuring California avocados.

Food52 banner creative reminded users that California avocados are in peak season during the summer.

PureWow banner ads encouraged California avocado fans to enjoy the fruit during their fun-filled summer weekends.

As part of the Nativo program, Saveur shared unique California avocado recipes perfect for staying cool when entertaining in the summer.

An example of the Nativo content, shown on the Reader’s Digest website showcasing California avocado summer recipes.

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