2016 California Avocado Acreage Inventory Update Now Available

  • Jun 01, 2017

Each year the California Avocado Commission (CAC) conducts an inventory of California avocado acreage in order to better understand industry trends and gauge the impact of ever increasing production pressures on California avocado growers. CAC uses the results from the acreage survey to complete a number of industry-related projects including, but not limited to, mid-season crop estimating, grove ID database and annual crop statistic reporting. The acreage inventory summary is conducted in conjunction with GeoSpatial Partners, LLC and utilizes the latest remote sensing techniques to evaluate the state’s avocado acreage.

The 2016 California Avocado Acreage Inventory survey has been completed and is now available online. Results from the recent acreage survey indicate a decline from 2015 in bearing California avocado acreage (producing + topped/stumped classification) of approximately 1,000 acres. As noted previously, this decrease is not surprising when factoring in the pressures placed on growers as a result of prolonged drought conditions and water availability. One bright spot in the results, however, was an increase from 2015 of more than 1,600 acres classified as new or young trees. This new/young acreage, totaling 3,500 industry-wide, is comprised of trees identified as four years or younger and is indicative of growers’ continued support of the California avocado industry through investment in new plantings and grove rejuvenation. 

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