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GAP/GHP/Food Safety

The entire produce community – including the California avocado industry – is undergoing a vital transformation, as various food-borne illness outbreaks have forced consumers and the federal government to put into place greater regulations and standards regarding the safety of fresh produce. Acting under authority of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the Food & Drug Administration has proposed new regulations to implement more stringent food-safety requirements.  This new regulatory oversight, along with growing customer demands, will soon require that every facet of the supply chain, including avocado growers, verify and document the safety of their operations and food they produce through a recognizable program.

While GAP certification is currently voluntary for California avocado growers, considering the aforementioned and the uncertainty of forthcoming requirements under FSMA, it makes sense for growers to verify that their practices are properly designed to minimize food safety risks by pursuing GAP certification now.

Additional GAP and GHP resources are available. Effective November 2015, the GAP Incentive Rebate (GIR) is no longer available for California avocado growers. Due to overwhelming grower interest, the funds for 2014-15 fiscal year were completely expended. This was the final year of the CAC GIR program. 

The online GAP Food Safety Course introduces growers to food safety practices and assists growers in assessing their own food safety practices. 

CAC GAP Educational Seminar February 2012

If you were unable to attend one of CAC’s GAP educational seminars, watch the video below for up-to-date information on CAC’s GAP program.

For further information about the CAC GAP program, or how to become GAP certified, please contact the Commission at 949-341-1955 or